Dumbbell Anchors for Resistance Bands

How to attach gritloops
to DumbBells:

Why Grit?

Grit means not only to be tough, but to resiliently work through challenges that arise while you are pursuing your goals. It means maintaining your long term vision, and taking the more difficult path when it means more progression, even when an easier path is available. Brett created GRIT LOOPS to provide others with more resistance to get more growth in fitness. His vision is that with this equipment and the culture of GRIT LOOPS, he can also instill in you a desire to develop more Grit in all aspects of life.

Our Fitness Mission


We constantly work to ensure that every product you receive from us meets a high standard of quality.


We strive to ensure our products can handle as much of a challenge as you can.


Our equipment is designed specifically to challenge and push you towards the results you want.


Fitness is a lifelong goal, and requires relentless perseverance. We’re here and committed as long as you are.
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We donate 3% of every purchase made in our shop to “Save the World” Organization.



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